Insects tell us how productive airport sites are

Dirk Bockmühl made use of the so-called SAGraSS method to determine the productivity of areas under different land uses at Eros and Hosea Kutako. This could tell us how many insect eating birds may be attracted to these areas, and why. He has completed almost all of the practical work, i.e. collecting insects and sorting them into
their respective taxonomic orders. Data analysis is underway, but initial trends indicate that mowing of grass does not really influence the numbers of insects found, although the types of insects differ. However, at both airports there were distinct differences in numbers of arthropods collected between the two months of sampling, i.e. February and April for Hosea Kutako, and March and May for Eros. We will now see how this relates to the numbers and types of birds occurring within the different
areas, and therefore how these areas should be managed to minimise bird occurrences.